Three Chaps On Dartmoor

The second story featuring The Hot Potato Syncopators is a thirty minute radio play.Full vocal arrangements of the incidental music used are included on the CD.

Tracks include: If I Had You; In A Party Mood, Charmaine; We’re In The Money; Run Rabbit Run; The Merry Go Round Broke Down; The Varsity Drag; When You Wish Upon A Star; Start Off Each Day With A Song

Also included with the map is a full size reproduction of a 1920;s map of Dartmoor, Sheet No 138.

Three Chaps on Dartmoor CD and map £0.01 + £1.99 P&P (UK)

Three Chaps On Dartmoor by The Hot Potato Syncopators
Three Chaps On Dartmoor by The Hot Potato Syncopators

Three Chaps on Dartmoor Prelude

It is not usual for a music hall act to be invited as guests to a society party, but The Hot Potato Syncopators are no ordinary band.

It is well known that Duke of Nostalgia, is a ruined Hungarian royal who spent most of his fortune in bawdy houses and had since made a career in such establishments, proving that a title is a title and worth more than cash, however it is less well known that at the end of a long line of sailors stands Maris Piper; his father was a Admiral as was his father before him.

Maris however ignored the call of the sea. Disinherited for activities downstairs within months of coming down from Oxford, Maris resolved not to become a penniless toff, and gained employment drumming for a Music Hall house orchestra. His comedy timing and ability to whistle all the parts to many tunes without moving his lips soon made him the most sought after musician on the circuit and Maris was had been able to enter society again via the stage door.

Mr Teeth was himself no stranger to society, his near engagement to a minor royal had been the talk of the town and his social life was often filled with near engagements to girls who wanted to be nearly engaged to a chap who had been nearly engaged to royalty.

The Chaps join a weekend party at Lusterleigh Hall for a bit of weekend sport in this black and white radio play.