• The Chaps Return to The Rondo!

    Three Chaps. Silly instruments, outrageous dances, mild innuendo, great songs with real words real music and none of your rubbish, real old fashioned entertainment and nothing but. Each seat will be personally fluffed by our resident Char-Lady, Queenie. Book tickets via TicketSource

  • Video Playlist

    We’ve assembled our favourite videos from around the web on this playlist

  • Media Ball 2016

    A few photos from The Media Ball

  • We Do! Weddings

    We’ve played at hundreds of weddings over the past 13 years. We find that our act works best at the¬†drinks reception, we play acoustically and move around the crowd woo-ing and wow-ing as we go. Its a great ice-breaker. and during breaks in the performance Mr Teeth¬†keeps the music rolling with his gramophone DJ set. …